Women Leaders

If you have a passion for supporting our community and would like to take part in making our monthly meetings or quarterly events even more extraordinary, we’d absolutely love to hear from you. Your sponsorship can make a significant impact, and we welcome your invaluable contributions. Reach out to us, and let’s collaborate to set up an exceptional gathering that will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved. Together, we can create something truly remarkable and foster a stronger, more vibrant community. Don’t hesitate—get in touch today!

-Your company will be recognized as a sponsor on our website, social media pages, & all advertising online platforms. You will be recognized in our Sponsor Spotlights across social media.
-You will have a speaking slot at the meeting or event that you will be sponsoring.
-You may bring signs, sign-up forms, or any other materials you’d like our guests to take home.
-We will be providing a digital flyer & a link to our Facebook event to all sponsors so you may share with your network as well.


Monthly Meetings: $150
Quarterly Events: $350

Please fill out the form below & we will contact you within 3 days VIA EMAIL.

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