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We’re looking for inspiring female speakers! Topics of interest (we’re open to your ideas): How to support your woman owned businesses, The importance of women owned businesses, Being a woman business owner, Community & Sisterhood.

Please Note: This is not for advertising your business. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor & would like a spot to talk about your business, please see our Sponsorship Page.

-You will be recognized as a speaker on all promotional materials, our website, social media pages, & other online platforms.
-We will be providing a digital flyer & a link to our Facebook event to all speakers so you may share with your network as well. BE has a large in-person network reach in the community.
-Speaking slots are 15-20 minutes. You will have a stage, podium, & mic available.
-You are welcome to provide us with any promotional items/materials to pass out at the entrance.
-Sorry, this is not a paying gig.

Please fill out the form below & we will contact you within 5-7 days VIA EMAIL.

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