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Business start-up assistance


Where to Start

Have an amazing business idea but don’t know how to even begin? It can be overwhelming! I’m here to help you get focused, stay on track, & figure out those first steps. Getting going can be the hardest part but I’ll get you rolling.

Business Plans

Business plans are absolutely essential. They are a great way to brainstorm, keep us in our lane, & pull everything together to really create that dream business. By the time we’re done, you’re going to have one kickass business plan.


We can have fabulous ideas all day long, but the truth is in the numbers. I provide a worksheet to make it easy & I promise to hold your hand the whole way. This can be the scariest part for some, but I promise you’ll be more confident when we’re done.

The Rest

I offer support in the following scary business things as well: Opening a brick-and-mortar business, SOPs, employee management, food licensing, goal managing, & networking.

More of a do-it-yourself kinda person? I can dig it. Check out my guides & workbooks!


How am I qualified to guide you through all the tough stuff above? Great question!

  • I have been a successful business owner for a decade.
  • I have successfully opened & successfully run 3 businesses. I even successfully closed a business.
  • I’ve hired, fired, & managed employees.
  • I’ve been building my own websites for nearly 15 years.
  • I’ve made it through city inspections, food licensing, & I’ve made it through a pandemic.
  • I have a degree in teaching…I’ve been teaching in various ways for over 10 years.
  • And the most important: I have made mistakes. I have had failed ideas. And I have learned from every single one. Without falling you can’t learn how to get back up.

An Important Note: I am not qualified to give tax or legal advice…but I know some fantastic women that can!

Coach vs. Consultant

What is the difference, you may be wondering?
A coach is your cheerleader, your accountability. They help improve you as a leader. They provide guidance.
A consultant is hands-on, providing specific solutions to your business challenges. They offer their expertise, help, & support.

I am strictly a business consultant. BUT, I know some fantastic women coaches!


It all depends on what you need & want. Maybe you want the full gambit, maybe you just want to pick my brain for an hour or two. Let’s chat about it & see if we’re a fit!
All sessions can be done in-person or virtually & are private one-on-one. Check out the Events page for group workshops.

Let’s build something great together.

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