Boss Evolution currently has 2 Chapters in the Metro Detroit area.  Our original group is based in Shelby Twp. and our other is in Saint Clair Shores.

What does it mean to be a member?
For a low due, B.E. members are able to attend monthly meetings that provide support & knowledge. We also have guest speakers, workshops, social events, & a whole lot of laughs!  Bosses have their businesses listed in our “Businesses” directory, advertising business information, business specials, website and social media links.  Each Boss has a “Featured Member” post all about you & your business that is shared on the B.E. Facebook page & all over social media.  

How does it work?
Each chapter will accept women from the same field.  All chapters will come together for monthly meetings, workshops, guest speakers, etc.  You may visit another chapters!

What are the membership fees?                    
Annual:  $180 
Quarterly: $50 (every 3 months)
Monthly: $18 

Membership is billed automatically.
If you would like to visit us to find out if we’re a good fit, please feel free to contact us!
Application can be found here.
ALL information is confidential & will only be used for Boss Evolution.
*After application is received & processed we will contact you to finalize membership*

How often are meetings?
Each Chapter meets once a month to discuss specific topics, round table style.  There is always time towards the end for mingling.  There are also social events scattered through out the year & open networking events.

Why should I join?
B.E. is focused on building lasting relationships, business & personal.  You will never be pressured to give referrals or buy someone’s products/services.  In fact, it is not allowed to product push or ask for referrals.  We believe that in order to create a successful business from the ground up, one needs an affiliation with support & shared resources.  We are all on different paths at different times.  We share our knowledge, experiences, successes, & failures.  Bosses do not have the, “What’s in it for me?” attitude, but rather “How can we help each other?” mindset.

We find that when people are given the chance to learn & strengthen relationships, that business growth comes naturally.

What are the benefits?
It’s like signing up for a gym membership.  That due is motivation to go.  You’ve worked all day, you’re tired, but you know you need to suck it up & go.  You’re fine once you get there and after you leave, you feel great!  You leave feeling proud of yourself.  You’ve done something to better yourself.  This group is the same way.  All of us leave meetings feeling empowered.  Stay motivated & inspired!

The more you commit yourself to being active, the more relationships you build.  We learn nothing from staying on the sidelines.  Being a Boss is all about ACTION.  The relationships we create help us grow as business owners & as people in general.  Friendships form.  We are the movers & shakers of our communities.

We have the continued advantage of learning from each other.  Along with this are workshops, guest speakers, & professional development.  Broaden your knowledge, take charge of your career.

While B.E. is not a networking group, it certainly is a perk.  With relationships come referrals, which brings business & collaboration.  We may be a part of many groups in social media, but the real power comes from local networking.  Many of us meet great Bosses in our community that we may not have met otherwise.

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