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Membership is currently open!
We’re thrilled you’ve decided to take action & join us on this amazing journey.
Please sure to fill out our Membership App prior to sign up.

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Annual Membership $286.00 per Year. Select
Quarterly Membership $75.00 every 3 Months. Select
Monthly Membership $26.00 per Month. Select

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Feeling a little nervous about the cost?
Think about all the things we purchase on a regular basis that give us short term satisfaction!
A few things that cost $25+ that we don’t bat an eye at…
A meal out: A fun drink & just a salad can add up these days.
Every Amazon order: Let’s be real…how easy is it to hit that “Add to Cart” button?
A manicure or pedicure: Sure, it looks pretty & maybe you get 2 weeks of it.
Coffee: How often are you hitting up that Starbucks drive-thru?

By joining BE, you will be investing in yourself.
Grow with us.

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