Group Rules

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For our group to be productive, successful, and fun, all members must be familiar with the guidelines & group rules. 


Please be courteous always. This is first & foremost a support group. Our group is a safe space where we often confide in each other. What is said in that space should stay there.


Failure to pay dues on time could result in termination of your membership. Your membership will commence on the date your membership fee is made & is automatic.


This group is not to be used as a sales list. There is NO advertising of any kind to our members via private message, email, or mail.

Online Guidelines

On WEDNESDAYS only you may post your specials, ads, company info, social media & website links in our private FB group. ONE post only please.

Events and/or Fundraisers may be posted any time.

Business resources, articles, job openings, & questions may be posted any time.

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