Group Rules

For our group to be productive, successful, and fun, all members must be familiar with the online guidelines & group rules.  Please be courteous always…this is first & foremost a support group, & there is no tolerance for cattiness, arguing, gossip, or nastiness. Simply put: Don’t be a jerk.

*We follow the idea of 3 strikes & you’re out, unless there is some serious jerkiness happening.  Refunds will NOT be given if you are asked to leave the group due to misconduct.
* Failure to pay dues on time could result in termination of your membership. Your membership will commence on the date your membership fee is made & is automatic.
*Do not ask anyone to buy from you, join your ‘team,’ book parties, or advertise for you (unless it’s an actual business agreement).
*This group is not to be used as a sales list. There is NO advertising of any kind to our members via private message, email, or mail.
*Monthly meeting attendance is encouraged but not required.  You may bring business cards, coupons, event flyers, & samples to monthly meetings to leave out for other members.
*If you would like to bring a guest to a meeting, please feel free!
*Politics & Religion do NOT belong here*
Facebook Group Guidelines
*You may post your website & business FB page to introduce yourself when first joining the group.
*On WEDNESDAYS only you may post your specials, ads, company info, social media & website links. ONE post only please.
*Events and/or Fundraisers may be posted anytime.
*You may post what you’re looking for from other business owners (e.g. services, questions).
*You may post articles or anything else having to do with business.
*You may post job openings.
*You may NOT contact members privately to try and sell to them or ask them to donate unless they ask you to.
*If you create another group, you may not use a name that includes Boss Evolution or Girlboss. It is confusing & any groups using the same name will be deleted from the page.
*If you are unsure, send me (Erika Helwig) a message. Carrie Evans heads the St. Clair Shores chapter.
**I will delete posts that don’t follow the guidelines and I might not contact you about it. Running this group takes a lot of time. **

Liking business pages & leaving reviews are encouraged! But please, TRUE reviews. Let’s keep it real.
This group is for support & growth. It’s not for selling. I will contact someone privately if there is an issue. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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