I’m Not Good at Technology

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“I’m not good with technology.”

I hear this more times than I can count when discussing different platforms with fellow businesswomen. It’s a phrase easily thrown out into conversation like it’s barely a skill in life that one doesn’t actually need. I rarely hear men say it though. Interesting.

So, let’s discuss this. “I’m not good with technology.” It’s quite a blanket statement to make. There are so many different forms of technology, but mostly what women are referring to are social media platforms & website builders. It’s mostly older women, or rather, non-millennials. Even some Gen Xers throw it out there too. Generation aside, we all have skills & resources that enable us to NOT be bad at gaining knowledge.

Ladies, you are NOT bad with technology. Rather, you don’t WANT to bother with it. I’m definitely not calling you lazy. What I’m saying is that you must make it a priority. Pushing it to the side or ignoring it all together doesn’t make it go away. And you don’t need to learn it all. You may not need Instagram or Tik Tok to run a successful business but are there untapped opportunities in both of those examples? Absolutely!

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Why should you spend time learning something that you’ve gone perfectly without for so long? There are a million answers to this question, but my answer is GROWTH. If you’re not growing your knowledge, if you’re not growing your audience, if you’re not growing your opportunities, you are simply not growing as a person or a business. I don’t want you to be left behind. I want you to evolve. I want you to be the best you, you can be!

Let’s take Instagram for example. One might think it’s just a bunch of “influencers” on a beach posting pictures & reels (a what now?). Are you thinking, “It’s just not my thing?” It can be if you ignore the stereotypes & pull back the rose-colored curtain. It can be a wealth of knowledge. It can be an introduction to like-minded communities. It can be a handful of new clients. It can be whatever you want it to be. It can work FOR you & your business.

I’m a professional baker. My business Instagram account follows other bakers. I’ve watched tutorials, connected with others in my field, & have been inspired to enhance my craft. There is absolutely no negativity happening in my feed.

My business BE account is filled with other women doing the same thing as me. I’ve made some awesome connections with fellow women business support consultants & coaches. They’re inspiring go-getters, they’re real & honest, & it gives me motivation to keep my focus. Again, there is no negativity.

Instagram is just one example. It can be Facebook, Tik Tok, whatever. The potential is everywhere. Is there a lot of fluff non-sense on these platforms? Absolutely. But the power of what you follow is yours. Who inspires you? Who can you learn from? Who is willing to collaborate?

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Using Instagram as an example again, download the app. Create an account. Follow the prompts. Take an hour or so to explore. We learn best being hands-on. Think about how many people use these apps…they’re created for everyday people. You can do this. It’s truly not hard. But with anything, you must put the time into it. Most of the apps can be connected to each other too.

How else can you “be good with technology?” The simplest answer from me to you is, girl, Google that shit. If you’ve spent the time exploring & something is still unclear to you…GOOGLE IT. We have so much knowledge at our fingertips. There are blogs & YouTube channels dedicated to explaining things. I promise you the answer is out there.

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We all say it & hear it from others,” I don’t have the time.” This is a whole other topic (stay tuned next week). If you truly don’t have or do not want to dedicate the time, find a workshop. Workshops are great for the more involved areas of technology like website builders. There are plenty of us out there that have the experience & knowledge & are willing to teach you. We all set our time at different values & that’s okay.

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  1. Explore: Just dive right in & explore!
  2. Google: The answer is out there!
  3. Take a Class: Sign up for a class, virtual or in-person!

Technology is here to stay, ladies & you’re not bad at it. You can do it. You’re smart & you kickass every damn day.


By Boss Evolution

Founder of Boss Evolution: Mastermind/support for women in business www.thebossevolution.com


  1. Hi Erika,

    Wow!! This information about technology was exactly what I needed!

    I’m 67 years old and have always felt “me and technology do not get along.” I’ve shied away from it all my life. Thus, holding me back.

    I remember when I started with Facebook. At first I said, “what do I need that for? I’ll never use it.” But then everyone was using it so I had one of my son’s show me what to do. It did take some time to master it and sometimes I still struggle a little.

    When you said, “Ladies you are not bad with technology. Rather, you don’t WANT to bother with it.” It hit me hard. It made me realize the truth. It made me realize I need to step out of my comfort zone and take the plunge! Google that shit!!

    Since I started my own business, I’ve been wondering how to make my Facebook post more attractive, more eye appealing and make people want to look at it. I would feel jealous of other pages that had pretty backgrounds, beautiful graphics and fancy lettering, instead of just the plain black block lettering. I wanted what they had but didn’t know how to. I also never asked anyone for help. Embarrassment, maybe a little. I just kept wishing I had what they had but continued to do nothing to change it.

    Then your email came. So…….I took a deep breath and said, “Figure this shit out! You are not stupid. Find out how to do what others do.”

    I Googled, how to make my Facebook post more attractive. And wouldn’t you know, information on Canva, a graphic design platform came up. So I opened it. At first it was a lot of information and overwhelming. I made an account and then Googled, how to use Canva. I’m still no expert and still a little overwhelmed, but in time and the more I use it, I know I’ll get better.

    I successfully used Canva last night to make a post about a workshop I’m offering. I sure was proud to see how attractive my post looked instead of just plain black block lettering.

    I want to thank you Erika for giving me the kick in the ass that I needed! Thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the courage to take the plunge and Google that shit!

    Now to learn Instagram!

    Josette Grimske
    Potted Passion Succulent Arrangement

    P.S. I will be one of the vendors at the WBO Vendor Show in December with my succulent arrangements. Hope to meet you then!

    1. Josette,
      This is so amazing to read. I went & checked out your workshop ad & it looks fantastic! Canva is one of the BEST tools that I use on a daily basis. I suggest diving right in & do the annual pro version. You will not be disappointed. I use it for everything.

      I’m so happy that my post gave you that push & the confidence you needed to leave your comfort zone. There’s no stopping you now!
      I look forward to meeting you at the vendor show.

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