Meet Jennifer Ott!

Originally from Traverse City, Michigan, Jennifer grew up in the country with a large vegetable garden. Grabbing a handful of fresh veggies as she and her siblings played tag and rode bikes, and caring for the garden alongside her dad planted a seed of what would become a lifelong relationship with the outdoors and all things that grow. These childhood experiences connecting with nature blossomed into a love for landscaping and gardening. Five years of working for The Mossy Tree, LLC in Traverse City only affirmed her intention of gardening with a purpose, and when she moved to Macomb, she began her own landscaping business, My Thyme Gardens.

This is a story of inspiration and empowerment because Jen did not get a college degree or any certifications when she jumped in. She knew she had a vision for what she could accomplish as a female leader of a landscaping business, in a male-dominated industry. Jen feels healthier when she gardens, mentally and physically. This is her passion. 

Jen lives to educate and nurture the gardener in all of us. She teaches her team to carefully select plants that encourage the pollinators and to practice healthy gardening; empowering the soil to thrive as part of a healthy garden’s ecosystem. She emphasizes the importance of the “right plants for the right place”. She loves to create spaces that people can enjoy.

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